TIMELESS DESIGN inspired by our American furniture heritage

Graceful proportions and classic elegance define Gary Adriance handcrafted heirlooms, influenced by masterworks from New England's preeminent museums.
EXQUISITE HAND-TURNINGS, HAND-INLAYS, HAND-CARVINGhallmarks that distinguish Adriance from the ordinary.

The exceptional handwork of Adriance artisans creates the intrinsic merit desired by collectors. The subtle hand-tool marks found in old-world mastery are evident in our hand-turning, inlay, and carving. Special skills are required to carve and inlay flower motifs. For example, bellflower petals are individually gouge-cut, hand-knifed into the wood, shaded in hot sand, and hand-etched to create visual realism.
BESPOKE FURNITURE & CUSTOM INTERIORS …an uncommonly good workshop attracts uncommon customers.

Gary Adriance designs and builds many one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and en suite interiors for our clientele… lasting testaments from the hands of our skilled craftsmen. Our signature works evolve from a special rapport between artisans and patrons sharing a passion for fine craft.
HAND-DOVETAILED DRAWERS …craftsmanship of talent and virtue.

Adriance drawer sides are joined with hand-sawn dovetails, unsurpassed as the strongest and most aesthetic method. Fine dovetailing enhances the value of our furniture and demonstrates our unwavering dedication to quality workmanship. Our historically correct drawer interiors are made from quartersawn pine for seasonal stability.
CONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRITY …skilled handwork measured by the ruler of perfection.
Adriance furniture is built to last using time-honored construction methods, such as mortise & tenon and dovetail joinery. Our table aprons are square-tenoned into deeply mortised legs; chair rails are tenoned through back posts and wedged; chest rails are dovetailed into case ends. These proven old-world techniques insure that Adriance furniture will last for generations.
HAND RUBBED FINISHES …our proprietary finish is unequaled.

Adriance heirlooms are finished for permanence with five or more coats of waterproof varnish and hand-rubbed to a satin patina.

At Adriance we believe our limited-quantity handmade heirlooms are a respectful use of our forests. We purchase lumber from sawmills certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which warrants sustainable forest management practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable way. Some forests are managed so well today, more trees are growing there now than a century ago.
BEAUTIFUL WIDE-BOARD WOODS …we celebrate the natural beauty of wood everyday.

Adriance table tops, headboards, drawer fronts, chests, and door panels feature beautiful matched-figure, wide-board American cherry, tiger maple, walnut, white pine, and South American mahogany.
Our distinctive Starwheel trademark is hand-carved into Adriance heirlooms, assuring authentic and unrivaled craftsmanship. Gary Adriance signs each collectible artform for posterity.
COLLECTIBLE HEIRLOOMS …begin your own enduring legacy.
Adriance is the preferred choice of many. Continuing the tradition of early furniture making, our benchmade work built by individual craftsmen will endure as an American legacy.