Captain's Sea Chest

Captain's Sea Chest

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At sea or on land, sailors love to stow their belongings in our finest-kind Captain's Sea Chest.

The case features hand-dovetailed wide mahogany, tiger maple or cherry. 

Five-point holly stars are smartly inlaid into the front.

Traditional marlinespike seamanship is evident in the hand-knotted rope beckets, featuring coach-whipped bails, turk's heads, needle hitching and pinked leather washers.

Tapered cleats with carved starwheels secure the beckets to the tumblehome ends above the centerline, providing a gimbaled counterbalance when hoisting.

A bullnose moulding is tenoned into the lid and a beveled base moulding surrounds a quartersawn pine ship-lapped bottom with hardwood dragging skids.

Finished with marine varnish hand-rubbed to a satin patina.

Built to last, an Adriance Sea Chest will be treasured for generations.

  • 41½" L cleat to cleat, 38"L case x 19½"D x 19½"H

  • 6" diameter Compass Rose Inlay: add $500

  • 2"H Carved or Inlayed Serif Letters: add $200 each

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  • $4190 Cherry

  • $4390 Tiger Maple

  • $4590 Genuine Mahogany

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